Summer Road Trip

Summer Campaign For zulily

Campaign: Road Trip Survival Guide
Copywriter: Matthew Schnirman
Art Director: JP Flores
Producer: Sheryne Cadicamo
Graphic Designer: Lauren Fatzinger
Photography: Brad Bowen
Photo Stylist: Blanca Martinez

Summer Road Trip Survival Must-Haves: 

  1. Aspirin Stash – Adults get headaches, just some adults are more susceptible to them when on a very long road trip with kids.
  2. Extra Battery – More power to you and your smartphone—especially after GPS and kid-friendly apps drain all the bars.
  3. Selfie Stick – Remember to stop and say CHEESE! at every “World’s Largest” roadside attraction.
  4. Facial Wipes – An on-the-go spa treatment—just close your eyes really hard and recline the passenger chair as far back as possible.
  5. Puzzle Books – But for grown-ups! Choose your own personal favorite. Maybe one that doesn’t ask you to answer “Are we there yet?”
  6. Snack Bars – One for you and plenty for those ‘hangry’ kid moments.
  7. Earbud Detangler – The faster you can untangle the cords, the sooner you’ll be able to plug ‘em in!
  8. Tablet – Whether it’s for reading books, listening to music or entertaining the kids, this handy device may just give you the vacation you need from your family vacation.
  9. Portable Speaker – Did somebody say family caraoke?
  10. Sunglasses – The iconic road trip accessory that’s perfect for photo-ops. And there’s only so much the sun visor can do.
  11. Sleep Mask – Imagine the sun on your face, the wind in your hair and the rare opportunity you can take a nap when the kids are quiet. This will help you catch some much-needed Zs.
  12. Water bottle – Remember, it’s important for the whole family to stay hydrated. And personal water bottles are environmentally friendly and don’t take up trunk space!
  13. Earplugs – See #11.
  14. Sunblock – Yes, you can even get sunburns in the car! Keep you and your family out of harmful rays with the right sunblock.
  15. Skin Cream – From kids fussing with the AC to changes in the weather, your skin may get a little dry. Your favorite lotion will fix that problem, and soothe any last nerves, too.
  16. Stylish Tote – Fashion and function is what you’re going for. The best part: all of these items are meant to fit in one bag!